The Empire of Swan Lake

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Welcome to the homepage of the Empire of Swan Lake, formerly the Empire of Gruver, Prussia, and All Surrounding Lands. The Principality began to operate officially on February the Tenth in the Year of Our Lord 2,002. The governing of the Principality is outlined in Imperial Decree 01-02-02.


The Office of the Emperor

His Majesy's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

His Majesty's Ministry of Defense

His Majesty's Ministry of Propaganda and the Press

Updates to the Imperial Page

February 12, 2002- The Emperor of Swan Lake has begun a great rennovation of the page- hopefully, the links will soon work and the world will be a happier and more enriched place.

February 11, 2002- The Prince of Swan Lake formally declares Himself from this day forward to be accorded the style of address formerly given to the Empire of Gruver" "His High, Imperial Majesty." This form of address, shortened to HHIM, is to be used only formally. When addressing Him personally or on a slightly less formal basis, Your Majesty is an entirely acceptable style. The Heir Apparent to the Empire, for the moment, is His Grace Taylor Olson, current Grand Duke of the Empire. For more information, see the Citizens Page.