The Principality of Swan Lake: Royal Decrees

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The Imperial Decree 01-02-02

Henceforth, Andrew Christopher Hamilton the First shall be known officially and forevermore in the Circles of Micronationalism as His High, Imperial Majesty Andrew Christopher Hamilton the First, by the Grace of God and the Will of the People Emperor of Swan Lake, Prince of Swan Lake, Duke and Protector of Maquoketa. His Official Style of Address shall be "Your High, Imperial Majesty." However, in less formal circumstances the style of "Your Majesty" is perfectly acceptable. Citizens of Maquoketa may style Him simply as "Your Grace" or "Sir," while citizens from the North Regions (Gruver, Various Parts of Estherville, Swan Lake, the Ducal Signet Territories) should address Him, properly, as either "Your High, Imperial Majesty" or simply "Your Majesty."

Also, form this day forward the Principality of Swan Lake will be known as the Empire of Swan Lake, officially titled "The Empire of Swan Lake."

Done this day February 11, in the Year of Our Lord 2,002, at the Will and by the Hand of the Emperor

The Royal Decree 01-02-02

As of February the Tenth, in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Two, His Royal Highness Andrew Christopher Hamilton the First in His role as Prince of Swan Lake shall assume the head of government position of the aforementioned Principality and assume the Duties and Roles held formerly by the Empire of Gruver, Prussia, and All Surrounding Lands.

Also, the Principality is Hereby OFFICIALLY DECLARED the Successor State to the former Empire of Gruver, Prussia, and All Surrounding Lands.

The Government of the Principality of Swan Lake shall be carried out in the following Manner:

It shall be Governed by a Sovereign Prince, who shall Rule the country in the form of Royal Decree.

The Prince or Princesss shall have Supreme Authority of Government and State within the Principality.

The Official Capitol/Capital of the Principality is moved from the City of Gruver to the City of Maquoketa. The Aviary Palace is hereby declared the Official Royal Residence and the Center of Government within the Realm.

The Prince has the Authority, as Fons Honorum of the Principality, to Confer and Bestow Titles of Nobility upon those individuals He deems Worthy of Said Titles.

Here ends the Royal Decree, assented to by His Highness Andrew C. Hamilton I, Prince of Swan Lake, on the Day of February the Eighth, in the Year of Our Lord 2,002

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