Hello and welcome to the Office of His High, Imperial Majesty the Emperor. HHIM, or His Majesty as He is called more informally, is rather busy for such a young sovereign. His Majesty is currently involved in several webpage design projects, under the guise of His web design and productions company, Happyburger Productions, LMTD. Also, His Majesty is involved much in His high school, Maquoketa Community High. His Majesty is a new student there, having recently arrived in Maquoketa from His previous residence in Gruver and Estherville, Iowa. His Majesty maintains a personal website, available here. His Majesty is also fond of several leisure-time activities: He is highly active in the national sport, tennis, and also has been in several dramatic and comedic plays throughout His school career, including: Acting Rich, The Sound of Music, Grease, Robin Hood, Aladdin, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, and most recently Once Upon A Mattress, which is a fractured fairy tale concerning the ancient story told in the Princess and the Pea. As you can see, His Majesty is a great fan of acting.

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His Majesty also is a great patron of music, playing clarinet in the Maquoketa High School Symphony Band. Prior to His move to Maquoketa, His Majesty played first chair clarinet in the Northwestern Iowa Concert band, and also in the Estherville Lincoln-Central High School Band. His Majesty is also quite a fan of so-called 'techno' music. In fact, His Majesty recently purchased a set of turntables, a mixer, and speakers with which to work on techno music.

His Majesty is also a fan of literature, especially fantasy and science-fiction. In fact, His Majesty has dabbled a little in writing fantasy and science-fiction, as well.

Finally, the Office of HHIM may be contacted via email at this address.

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